Friday, September 11, 2009

A synopsis of a story in the making at my desk

Johnathan Wright a retired Army Ranger discharged more than a year ago and divorced for three years lives alone in a small apartment in Maryland. His history of serving in Operation Freedom, Operation Condor and running black ops missions in North Korea and Pakistan have left him a broken man.

An army lieutenant who's career was filled with honor and distinction has been reduced to a drunken stuper, who suffers from flash backs from his last campaign where an ambush left his squad helpless behind enemy lines. His squad was nearly wiped out by enemy fire the few who did survive the onslaught were captured for 5 months in a military prison where they were tortured for information. Later released from prison and returned to the U.S. he was discharged from the Army and sent into an early retirement without any choice. John is 37, jobless, alone and spending his military benefits on booze and cable television.

His spiral downward is interrupted by his ex-wife Emily Tate. Their marriage of eight years dissolved when Emily was caught by a family friend of John's having an affair with her coworker Peter Ellison. The two met at work, both being top level military cryptologists became infatuated in her husband's absence. She has come to John's apartment with sensitive information regarding an assassination plot against the president.

Lauren Montgomery is the first female president, nearly six months into her first term she has already made enemies both foreign and domestic. An intelligent and assertive woman takes no resistance when it comes to her national policy. Threats are an everyday part of being president and being the first female to take the highest office invites even more. Most may be from angry chauvinists and fanatical religious circles, but a threat from a North Korean source seems very credible and the attack is imminent.

Emily brings evidence to a disbelieving and very drunk John. Her honorable and courageous ex-husband is the only person she and Peter can trust when the evidence they have that shows the threat of assassination is not in fact from a military group in Korea but instead comes from the highest ranks of the U.S. government.

Senator Walter Everett and three star General James McGrath, old war buddies, who have spent their careers rising the ranks of politcal and military office, now are set on a mission, using the countries own resources and military muscle to stage the first coup in U.S. history. Their radical belief that a country in internal turmoil and significant military threat from several nuclear capable enemies is too much for President Montgomery and that their only choice is to step in by force and save the country from falling to the hands of international terriorist states.

Can Emily and Peter convince Johnathan desptite their history that they must take action to stop the elected madmen from killing the first female president and taking power of the country in the name of patriotism or will Johnathan and those closest to him fail to stop an event that will change the history of the country forever and may even end the U.S. as we know it?

I am back

Hey everyone!

It is time for me to start writing on my blog again so here I am and let me tell you a lot has changed.

First off I have made some big time life decisions. The biggest of which is to go to college.
Some of you might know my history with school and how difficult H.S. was for me and how adamant I have been to not ever go to school. I am now through 3 weeks of classes and I must say how much fun school is. I would go into why I decided after 7 years of being out of H.S. why I went back but the truth is, I am not sure even I know. I just felt like it was the right thing to do and now here I am a college student.

This means me and 3 of my siblings will all be in college at the same time which is pretty impressive. I am not sure what my goals in school are yet but I am pretty certain I will be going for a while now. I am taking English Composition and Creative Writing and I am enjoying both classes. The biggest reason I do know that I am going to class is the fact that I want to be a writer.

This doesn't mean I will or even want to become a best selling author but it does mean I want to pursue getting better at something I am very passionate about. The best way for me to become a stronger writer is to do lots of reading and writing. Adding some school can only benefit me in the end I believe so here I am.

I have been really busy with school, work and all of the little other things that creep up in your life, like watching the Rockies' quest for the pennant, GO ROCKIES! So I think I may try and use this blog to talk about what is going on in my life and what interesting things have happened to me recently.

A couple of things that have happened in the last couple of weeks are worth noting.

At work I had a girl crash her motorcycle in our parking lot at 1am and I was one of the people who ended up helping this girl who was injured after striking a light post in our lot, without wearing a helmet or jacket and then got up and tried to run after being tossed from the bike. It was a pretty traumatic event and I was pretty messed up from it for a week or so later but I feel like I am fully recovered and have been able to move on just fine now, after finding out that she was just fine after being treated at the hospital.

I have been doing lots of writing and I have created my first two original works for my classes. The one I am most proud of is a personal essay titled "So...Funny Story" I wrote describing a family incident just before Thanksgiving a few years ago. I feel really good about it, especially after I have had friends and family help me edit it and gave me feedback on content and flow. I think that I really have what it takes to be successful in writing, whatever that may be, I do not know yet but I am certainly going to try my best.

Work has settled a bit over the last month or so, and I am pretty relieved. The stress from all of that was pretty damned taxing on me and that did not help my writing or my emotional health. So great news there.

Unfortunately my grandmother's dog passed away yesterday. Losing pets is always a difficult situation for anyone but this is harder than most. Her dog has been with her for more than ten years as her service dog, because my grandmother has been confined to a wheelchair. I have not been a big fan of pets especially dogs but this wonderful animal has been my grandmother's closest companion and friend for a long time and I have been so thankful that there has been someone there to help my grandmother in everyday life. I do not look at Chassi as just a dog but as a member of the family, someone who has worked hard and been so important to someone that is extremely important to me. I just wish that I could have thanked the sweetest dog ever, for all that she did for my grandma and for me. That dog may very well have saved my life back in 1999 and I never got to thank her for that either. May her soul rest and find happiness where she can have all the treats she wants and can jump around lucious fields of grass and have all the tummy rubbing she can stand, you deserve so much for all that you did, thank you Chassi.

I hope everyone else is well and drop me a line on facebook if you haven't already.

Take care everyone, cheers.