Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did you miss me?

I missed writing my blog. Once or so a year I will get this spark to start writing a blog, usually in an effort to share something that is really troubling me, and use it to get things off my chest. Now I want to write again, and I thought about just making a new one, but now I have decided just to pick this one up again.

You remember your first crush? The feeling of warmth and excitement. I was too young to really understand what I felt, I am sure most of us were. And, how wonderful it was feeling like nothing bad could happen and how you thought you would always feel that way. The reality of life didn't figure into your emotion. You were just happy and wanted to share that with someone else.

You never had your heart broken before, and the world was full of promise of things you didn't know or understand, but you felt the potential in your heart. Most of us eventually had our hearts broken: maybe they didn't feel the same way, maybe they did, maybe your feelings changed, maybe they were taken. But, we crashed and burned, and vowed to never crush on someone else...never...ever...again. We didn't want to hurt like that again, the pain, the loss were too much.

But, if it didn't hurt like, what is the point? Blessed are the ones that broke our hearts, damned are the ones who didn't care, and we wait for the ones who hurt the same, maybe they will be back, maybe we will find another, and who has their heart broken next.

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