Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting Family

3 years ago my mother's mother remarried to a man named Derek. Derek immigrated from England to live with her here in Colorado after they met on the internet. I have enjoyed getting to know Derek over the last couple of years and have been pleased with the time over the last week where I have spent some time one on one with him.

I am often reluctant to accept new people in my life, it might be some fear of change that we all have but that reluctance soon faded with Derek. I quickly saw how much he cared for my grandmother and how well he treated her. My grandma was faced with polio when she was a young girl and has had to endure being confined to a wheelchair since she was 9 or so and he has been so helpful getting her around in everyday life. They are one of those married couples that really get along well and compliment each other with their strengths. I am very thankful that my grandma has Derek in her life and I have been blessed to spend time with him. He has shared many interesting stories with me when I have visited.

This last week his son David and granddaughter Hannah came to the States to visit Derek. I was pleased when my grandma and granddad asked me to help pick them up for the airport. I have always enjoyed picking people up from the airport, it is exciting to have people come visit where I call home and now having two people from England has been an extra treat.

They arrived last Wed. and the 5 of us drove up to Buffalo Bill's grave on Lookout Mountain on Friday and spent the day enjoying the mountains including a trip to Idaho Springs where we partook in Beau Jo's Pizza who is renowned for their Colorado Style Pizza.

I had to work the weekend and Monday so I was unable to spend more time with the family, but Tuesday I spent the whole day with my grandma so Derek and his family could join could travel with some friends to Estes Park and enjoy more of the beautiful scenery that Colorado has to offer. I am sure it is unlike anything they have in England and maybe all of Europe, it is incredibly beautiful this time of year and with the heavy rain we have had over the last month has left everything green and growing tall.

Today I believe we are going to McDonald's (they wanted to eat American McDonald's) and maybe to the Red Rocks Amphitheater before heading to the airport around 4. I am going to laugh tomorrow if the weather turns into a bright sunny day, just after they leave.

I have some errands to run this morning before catching up with the family. I hope all is well to everyone reading this. Call someone in your family today that you have not spoken to recently and say hello.

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